English In Use – ‘The Bride and Vroom’

A selection of headlines from stories in the news. They use English in a way that you might think is intended to confuse but it’s all perfectly clear to the native speaker.


Football Diary – Two Spanish Giants

IT could be described as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly!

I’m referring of course to the Champions League semi-final first leg between those two Spanish giants Real Madrid and Barcelona.


True Confessions

After twenty-five years in the same parish, Father O’Shaunessey was saying his farewells at his retirement dinner. An eminent member of the congregation – a leading politician – had been asked to make a presentation and a short speech, but was late arriving. So the priest took it upon himself to fill the time, and […]

English Joke of the Month

What is love?

Bill and Steve were discussing being in love. “I don’t know what love feels like,” Bill said.  “I’ve thought I was in love three times.”

“Thought?” Steve asked. “What do you mean?”