Church News

Many churches have their own noticeboards, newsletters, bulletins and nowadays even websites and blogs. Here are a few church notices that were sent to us, they allegedly appeared in church bulletins, or were announced at services. They seem to be unattributed, probably to save someone’s blushes. Thanks to Paul for sharing. 🙂 The Fasting & […]

Keep it personal – Business English

Making Business Personal Again

It’s not uncommon to find that as businesses grow they have a tendency to lose sight of the very things that made them who they are.

Twins – Language Article

Yet another set of twins has arrived in our family, I have almost lost count of the number of relations we have who are twins. Apparently for each set of twins in a close family your chances of having twins yourself increases by 8%. My youngest daughter was a twin and she has two grandmothers who were also twins; one of whom also had twin brothers. It is getting to the point where she says she would be disappointed if she only had one child at once.