Recommended Book – Where My Heart Used To Beat

SOMETIMES you come across a novel which haunts you long after you have reached the final page, firmly lodged in your memory.

And memory is a key factor in this splendid offering by the renowned British author Sebastian Faulks.

The narrator is successful psychiatrist Dr Robert Hendricks who is an author and a veteran of the Anzio landings in the Second World War.

He is haunted by memories of his past experiences and Hendricks leads the reader on a moving journey through his life.

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News Round Up 219

I wonder what the odds on this happening are:  A couple who disobeyed their parents to marry in Scotland 60 years ago have accidentally bought back the motorbike they eloped on, and reports the Daily Mail, the machine still had their love note in the engine.

Teenagers Jean and Bob Smith were married in secret at Gretna Green in 1956 because their parents considered them too young to wed and made the two-day 600 mile journey from their home in Cornwall on a 1947 Royal Enfield Flying Flea motorbike.

Jean and Bob had to sell the bike a few years later to cover bills but when 79 year old Bob recently spotted a similar model at a vintage rally he decided to buy it for old time's sake.

And when he repaired the crank shaft, he found the long forgotten note.

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