News Round Up 277

ACCORDING to new research, half of Britain’s university students have never changed a light bulb!

An article in the Daily Express adds that six out of ten have never paid a bill and a third have no idea how to sew on a button.

The survey of 1,500 students by online community The Student Room and the University of East Anglia also revealed that other simple tasks which are a mystery to thousands include cleaning a bathroom, doing a food shop alone or washing laundry.

News Round Up 276

CONGRATULATIONS to Martin Appleton-Clare, who according to the Daily Mail, has been declared World Pie Eating Champion for the third successive year.

Apparently he ate a standard-sized pie in 32 seconds beating last year’s time by 13.5 seconds, in the annual event which takes place at Harry’s Bar in Wigan.

The fastest woman was Vicky Lindley whose time was one minute and 30 seconds.