News Round Up 342

A range of ‘beasts’ were pretty beastly to Brits last year, the Daily Express informs us. Figures released by NHS England show that crocodiles, alligators, poisonous millipedes and crushing snakes all left patients needing treatment in hospitals in 2018. The number of bites requiring hospital care rose from 16,249 patients in 2016 to 17,281 in […]

News Round Up 341

POLICE are set to arrest a 104 year old woman…at her own request. The Daily Express tells the story of Anne Brokenbrow who is a resident at Stokeleigh Care Home in Stoke Bishop, Bristol. The home is one of five in the north of the city that is participating in the Wishing Washing Line initiative, […]


Today – 20th March …

News Round Up 340

AN article in The Guardian newspaper might make you wonder how stressed we Brits are, because it seems that sales of self-help books have reached record levels in the past year. According to figures from Nielsen Book Research, three million such books were sold – a rise of 20%- turning self-improvement into one of the […]