For Rachel:-

According to a recent study by the UK Office for National Statistics the day you were born could be an influence on your eventual career.

(GPs (family doctors) and debt collectors had the greatest percentage of January births, while sheet-metal workers had the lowest percentage. ”

February appear to give a greater chance of becoming artists.

March was a good month for pilots.

April and May had a fairly even spread of career paths. 

Babies born in June, July and August had a much lower chance of having high-end, top-paying careers, such as doctor, dentist, or professional athlete.

September babies had a greater chance of becoming sports players or physicists, and a less likely chance of becoming bricklayers or hairdressers. 

Giving birth in December could make your child become a dentist.

They also noticed that certain jobs were spread quite evenly throughout the year; most notably CEOs of large companies and real estate agents.

Now before you say you don’t believe in horoscopes, the influence of the month is less likely to be because of your star sign, it’s more probably to do with climate, so I presume these findings would be different in other areas of the world.)