According to an annual poll, run by the BBC World Service, unemployment is the world’s fastest-rising worry.

(The growth in concern was found across all countries surveyed, although corruption and poverty still ranked the highest worries.  Worry about unemployment was six times the rate citing it in the first survey in 2009.

In the US, France and Japan – all wealthy, developed nations – the state of the world economy emerged as the main talking point.

By contrast, corruption was the most frequently discussed issue in Nigeria, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Nigeria and Peru.

These are all developing nations, most with poor reputations for transparency in government and business.

In another group of developing countries, including China, Russia, Kenya and the Philippines, rising prices for food and energy were the main topic.

In Latin America, however, crime and violence emerged as commonly discussed themes.

Indeed in Brazil, famous for social tensions in its urban slums, along with Ecuador and Mexico, noted for drugs-related killings, crime and violence were the most talked-about subjects.)

I can only say one thing in response to this:-