Apple claims that statistics show it’s responsible for creating or supporting 514,000 jobs in the US.

(On their web page entitled “Creating jobs through innovation” the say that a study by the Analysis Group determined that Cook & Co. has “directly or indirectly” created 304,000 jobs spread throughout all 50 states. The remaining 210,000 jobs, Apple says, were created in the “app economy”. It’s the “indirectly” part of the statement that I have an issue with, as Apple directly employ 47,000 people in the US – about 9 per cent of the total they claim.

Now I’m all for beating your own drum: if you don’t beat it, no one else will, but the rest of the figures are difficult to quantify, Apple says they are made up from these “indirect” jobs, which come from “the development and manufacturing of components, materials, and equipment; professional, scientific, and technical services; consumer sales; transportation; business sales; and healthcare.” They probably included sandwich makers too.)