Use these facts in your lessons

There are over four thousand interesting facts here, with new ones added every day, and you can use them in your lessons. Here are a few ideas:- Read the facts out as dictation, or get your students to read out the facts as dictation to the rest of the class. Get your students to form […]

Raison d├Ętre – About Interesting Facts

On the Learn English Network we often come across things that are interesting, that we feel we would like to share. Sometimes they are fun things, sometimes they are interesting things, sometimes simply weird things and sometimes they are sad things, but they all make us think and so we are going to share them […]


7,000 people to took their clothes off in an avenue in Barcelona today. (American photographer Spencer Tunick persuaded them to take their clothes off, before photographing them from the top of a crane. How weird is the world?)

Interesting Fact – Paper Folding – Podcast

No piece of paper can be folded in half more than 7 times! (Sad to say I tried it- and it’s true, in fact I struggled with the seventh fold. Seemingly high school student Britney Gallivan, successfully folded a piece of paper 12 times by folding the paper in a single direction, I tried this […]