English in the News – Early Birds vs Night Owls

According to a story published in The Times, Early Birds are generally happier than Night Owls.  New studies show that it is not just because early birds get more daylight, or have a better night’s sleep.  According to a study carried out by scientists at the University of Warsaw, a large part of their mood could […]

Word of the year 2021

The Oxford English Dictionary has announced its word of the year for 2021:- Vax A new 3-letter-word for Scrabble players!  A shame they didn’t make it Vaxx – double x would be worth a lot of points. For some reason, double-vaxxed, unvaxxed and anti-vaxxer have also increased in use over the past 12 months. I […]

Where is the nastiest village in Worcestershire?

Well, according to farmer Carl Powell, it is Peopleton, a village in Worcestershire.  After a disagreement with other residents, he erected a 15ft sign saying, ‘Welcome to Peopleton. A murderous, lawless, godforsaken place. Probably, most definitely, the nastiest village in Worcestershire.” Peopleton I have never been there, so I couldn’t possibly comment.