Football Diary 8 – Are you listening?

FORGET about tactically constipated football matches in the top leagues or the never-ending stream of European fixtures where substitutes have to study a spread-sheet with the coach before coming on.  No, if it’s good, old-fashioned entertainment you’re after, you can’t beat the lower leagues in the Football League.


Football Diary 7 – What goes around, comes around

FOOTBALL managers, bless ‘em, they don’t half come out with some twaddle.   Take Manchester City’s Roberto Mancini for example. Speaking before Saturday’s home game against Chelsea he said: “They will probably win the Premier League easily”.

Football diary 6 – The haves and the have-nots

Football Diary
by Patrick O’Connor

WATCHING Liverpool’s Europa League win over Steaua Bucharest on television on Thursday night, it was sad to see gaping holes in the crowd.  Anfield, one of the most famous stadiums in the world, has a capacity of over 45,000, but was only just over half full.

Football Diary 5 – Will they ever learn?

FOOTBALL is a wonderful game, capable of providing breathtaking entertainment and excitement but there is a dark side where greed and financial madness run rampant, and that has never been more apparent than during this last week.

Football Diary 4 – Favourite Goal

MOST football fans have a favourite goal, one they love to recall over sessions in the pub.

Such sporting classics are often surrounded by an aura of wonderment, goals so special that their images live on in the minds of those fortunate enough to have witnessed them, either live or on television.