Preparing for a Job Interview – Business English – August

For many people, there comes a time, at least once in their life, where they find themselves sitting across from someone who is interviewing them for a job. Whether initiated by their desire for a new position, or because of circumstances that led to a job loss, securing a job interview is their next step in moving their career forward. Regardless of how they came to be sitting across from an interviewer, the interview itself can be an intimidating experience.

It’s vitally important that you prepare properly for your job interview. Expecting to go, unprepared, into an interview and “winging it” is a recipe for failure. It’s a highly competitive business world out there with a plethora of qualified candidates looking for that next career position. Along with having the qualifications for the job you’re interested in, job interview preparation is essential to giving yourself a chance to win the position.

Brainstorming – Business English

Pump Up The Jam With Effective Brainstorming

When managers or business leaders need to come up with some novel way to solve problems, brainstorming usually comes up. In fact, I believe that the term is incorrectly being used by many to connote business meeting.

I remember my boss, who has a penchant for new business buzzwords, likes to call for brainstorming sessions; when in reality, he just likes to deliver 30-minute soliloquies during meetings. Usually we end up agreeing to what he is saying because we were not even given time to bring up our ideas.

Event Etiquette – Business English


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by My Booking Manager

The workshop was over. The delegates had long gone and Margaret Kerr was recovering with a cup of coffee. The room was strewn with sheets of flip chart paper, the debris of the buffet lunch and countless empty coffee cups covered every horizontal surface in the room. Margaret was drained. The workshop had been a tough one for a trainer; the delegates had all been sharp and smart; they had challenged her knowledge and demanded long explanations of the reasons behind the theories she was asking them to buy into. She looked at the bomb-site that was once an orderly training room and knew she didn’t have the energy to do much more than crawl to her car. After all, she reasoned, the conference center cleaning staff would tidy up, wouldn’t they.

Self Confidence – Business English

4 Unusual Self Confidence Tips

Here are some self confidence tips which can be developed into unconscious characteristics of your personality. The most effective use of these self confidence tips is done through repetition and reinforcement.

The use of the self confidence tips described here must be done on a daily basis and with a conscious effort on your part to retrain the way your mind works.

Again, self confidence is a learned skill, and all learned skills must be improved upon regularly.