Silence is Golden

According to the UK’s Education watchdog Ofsted, children in Britain are starting nursery school unable to speak and listen properly because of continuous noise and poor conversation at home. Some schools report spending days or weeks educating parents and improving children’s social skills. The study said, “The schools attributed weak listening skills not only to […]

The Most Common Errors in Essay Writing

The Most Common Errors in Essay Writing

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by Gene Grzywacz – Edited by Lynne Hand

While writing comes naturally for some people most everyone else has to make a conscious and concentrated effort to get the appropriate words on paper. It is not only the words, but also the formatting, spelling and grammatical errors that often plague the common student’s essay. There are a number of reasons for this; however it can be easily corrected with a little bit of time and effort. After all this essay could mean not receiving the acceptance letter desired or a failing grade. It is important to ensure that anything from a letter to a full blown research paper is correct and reads well because it is a direct reflection on yourself. This article will cover the common errors of essay writing and a few tips to help alleviate those issues.