Ball Games – Culture Article


Someone said on my Facebook page today that the English are no good at ball games – especially the ones we invented. The list is quite a long one – tennis, soccer, netball, field hockey, polo, rounders, cricket and more. 

Cutting Down – Culture Article

To cut down, can mean to fell, as in cutting down a tree, but it can also mean to reduce, and in the recession lots of people are having to cut down on stuff.

When I visited my gran, usually once a week, I used to get 6d from her: Half of this, 3d, would go into the bank and the other half on a cone from the Italian café next door to gran’s.  When I was about seven my father began to give me pocket money too, but it was rather erratic, and asking for it was one sure way of ensuring it would not be forthcoming. Most weeks it was a shilling – that was 6d for the Saturday morning cinema, 3d for a comic to read and swap, and 3d for sweets. No thought of saving any of this entered my head. However, if I was given extra money then I would be allowed to spend some, but most had to be saved. So, for most of my life I’ve been a saver. 

Thrift – Culture Article


I thrift, therefore I am

“When I was younger”, my mum told me recently, “there were no charity shops nearby and yard sales did not exist. It was a shame because I did not have much money and I would have loved searching for nice second-hand clothes.”

Getting rid of it – Culture Article


In our garden we have several ways to get rid of our garden and general waste. There are two large bins: one is for rubbish which we can’t get rid of ourselves;  small bits of cooked food, although we don’t waste much, and the rest is mostly plastic: All that extra packaging which is considered necessary by manufacturers, but which we used to manage without. You know the kind, it takes special tools just to open a packet of biscuits these days. We bought some new tree loppers, and had to use the old loppers to open the packet that the new loppers came in.  It was almost as if someone was playing a cruel trick. 

There is another bin for green waste. We use that rarely as most things will compost eventually, even what are thought of as toxic weeds; thistles and dandelions, if I can catch them before they seed in they go. It was full this week as we had a tree hit by such strong winds that three branches came off and needed getting rid of.