Interesting Animal – Fish

According to research published in the Nature journal Scientific Reports, fish can remember faces. (By training archerfish with food pellets as a reward,  with a random sequence of 44 faces, scientists were able to teach them to spit at a particular face, with an average accuracy of between 81 and 86 percent.  A researcher Cait […]

Interesting Animal – Cats

According to a recent study of around 9,000 British pets by pet insurer Animal Friends, the number of  cats diagnosed with diabetes has skyrocketed by  1,161 percent over the past five years. (The fact is people who feed cats human food are shortening their lives. In addition more than half of the cats kept indoors […]

Interesting Animals – Birds

I bet they recognise this one! According to a poll commissioned by Wilko, 25% of primary school children cannot identify a robin redbreast or a blackbird. (The survey also revealed that nearly 50% do not recognise a sparrow, with 42% unable to name the common bird from a photo. It’s not surprising, when you remember […]

Interesting Animal – Jack

Jack, a Yorkshire Terrier, is the oldest living dog in Britain. (At 117 years old (in dog years), he still looks like a puppy.  He will be the eighth-oldest dog of all time if his age can be proven to Guinness World Records. There are different formulas for calculating dog years. Alot of people multiply […]