Why people believe in conspiracy theories

It seems our need for structure and our pattern recognition skill can be rather overactive, causing a tendency to spot patterns – like constellations, clouds that look like dogs, and vaccines causing autism – where in fact there are none.

Exercise with a pleasant smile

Practising your smile gives you a happy appearance

Smiling a lot is a valued trait: People who often smile sincerely radiate likeability, connect easily with others and are appreciated more.

By smiling, you make a positive impression that will assist in making contacts and reaching your goals. Moreover, smiling makes you feel good. However, not all smiles are created equal, and it is not a good idea to smile in every situation.

Let’s face it, smiling is not always as easy as it looks, which might be why why we often indulge in it so sparingly. When all is said and done, it takes a bit of practice to turn smiling into a habit. In this article I will provide you with some ideas on how to practise, in the hopes of putting a pleasant smile on your face that stays there for a long time.



Valentine’s Day – Culture Article

Valentine Day 


Valentine’s Day is an important date in the calendar. After all who doesn’t want a bit of romance in their life. But, what do you do if you haven’t found your significant other, yet?

Make Your Own Cards – Culture Article



Greetings cards are huge business in the UK.  A 2015 report from the GCA (Greetings Cards Association) valued the UK market at £1.6 billion.  And cards can cost anything from a few pence to several pounds. But you don’t need to break the bank, you can join the increasing number of people who make their own cards. According to Crafts Beautiful, the top consumer craft magazine, greeting card making in the UK is the number one craft hobby. So, why not give it a go: it’s fun and easy!

Instead of giving out a shop-bought card on the next special occasion among family or friends, try your hand at making your own.

Making your own cards does not require hours of time, and hard work, it just needs a bit of creativity, the right materials and a sense of fun.  You can even get the family, and kids involved. 

Baby Boomer – Culture Article

 What is a baby boomer


I am a baby boomer – one of the many children born in the years soon after the Second World War when all the surviving armed forces returned home and started families. All over the country, schools were built or expanded. My own senior school used to have 200 pupils, but within two years this shot up to more than 2,000. Classes were large, and we had 13 classes in a year, with usually over 30 pupils in each class.