Recommended Book – Field Service

Field Service by Robert Edric (Doubleday)

THIS riveting story is about the First World War, not the actual conflict but the sobering aftermath.

The central character is Captain James Read who is based in Morlancourt, France in 1920.

His unit has been tasked with the identification and burial of the many corpses still scattered around the fields and battle grounds of Normandy.

Recommended Book – Dominion

Dominion by C J Sansom (Pan)

WHAT would have happened if the Germans had won the Second World War?

That’s the premise for this cracking novel. Author C J Sansom makes May 9, 1940, the critical date. His alternate history has Britain choosing a much different course than they did.

Recommended Book – ‘The Uninvited’

The Uninvited by Liz Jensen (Bloomsbury)

by Patrick O’Connor

THERE is a chilling start to The Uninvited – a seven year old girl fires a nail gun into her grandmother’s neck.

At first this seems an isolated incident but when more families suffer violent attacks at the hands of their own children, a pattern emerges.

Recommended Book – Vanishing

Vanishing by Gerard Woodward (Picador)

by Patrick O’Connor


YOU certainly can’t accuse author Gerard Woodward of producing a light-weight book.

Packed into the 500 pages of Vanishing are several different tales from several different eras.

It’s a first person narration by Kenneth Brill, who when we first meet him, is in a British prison sometime in the latter stages of the Second World War.

Recommended Book – An Ice Cream War

An Ice Cream War by William Boyd (Penguin)

by Patrick O’Connor


THERE have been plenty of novels which have used the First World War as a backdrop but this offering by acclaimed British writer William Boyd takes a look at the little known East African campaign and shows how it impacted on several characters.

Before conflict erupts, American expat Temple Smith is on good terms with his German half English neighbour Erich von Bishop but then has his plantation burnt by von Bishop and becomes a penniless refugee, forced to join the British forces.