When the cat’s away

There’s a saying in English, “When the cat’s away, the mice will play”. It means that when whoever is in charge is out, people will fool around and act silly. This could apply to children at school, when the teacher leaves, or people at work when the boss leaves, or maybe even husbands, when their […]

Hanging by a thread

Hanging by a thread Originally uploaded by waɪ.tiː Hang by a thread is an idiom that’s used to describe any risky situation, or danger of something unlucky or bad happening. For example:- After the car accident her life was hanging by a thread. But this photo shows my poor microphone which is literally hanging by […]

Fun with idioms

“I wish the ground could have swallowed me up.” Ah! How often have I thought or said this in an awkward social situation? Luckily it never actually happened:-

Flaming Idiot

The idiom “flaming idiot” is used to describe a particularly stupid person. Here’s a literal definition:-

Monkey Business

Monkey Business Originally uploaded by waɪ.tiː Monkey business is an idiom used to describe silly behaviour or dishonest behaviour. This is of course not a monkey, it’s a monk, but it’s definitely silly.