English in the News – Grim Sleeper

A headline from the Sun “Grim Sleeper” warns us that people who suffer from insomnia carry an increased risk of a heart attack or stroke. The headline is a play on the words “Grim Reaper”, a term used to describe death, who is often portrayed in the form of a cloaked skeleton wielding a large […]

News Round Up 367

ENGLISH Heritage have put on show 2,000 year old pendants which they say were used as make-up applicators for women in Roman Britain.

News Round Up 358

THE Guardian reports on a rare discovery by archaeologists in Gloucestershire: They have found a small shard of patterned green glass, part of an 1,800-year-old fish bottle, at Chedworth Roman Villa.

News Round Up 342

A range of ‘beasts’ were pretty beastly to Brits last year, the Daily Express informs us. Figures released by NHS England show that crocodiles, alligators, poisonous millipedes and crushing snakes all left patients needing treatment in hospitals in 2018. The number of bites requiring hospital care rose from 16,249 patients in 2016 to 17,281 in […]