Interesting Words – Dictionary Additions

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) has added over 1,000 words. (New entries include air-punching – the act of thrusting a clenched fist into the air in elation or triumph. A gender for designating people who do not identify themselves as a particular gender. Bovver – part of the catchphrase of comedian Catherine Tate’s teenage character […]

Interesting Word – Flip Flops

The term flip-flop is an onomatopoeiac word based on the sound made by the sandals when walking in them. (Flip flops are no heel strap sandals, and although this style of sandal has been worn for centuries, the modern day flip flops have been worn in America and Britain since the 1970s. Sometimes the word […]

Interesting Word – Sett

In honour of Tartan Day, did you know that the word ‘sett’ doesn’t just apply to a badger’s lair, it also is used to describe the vertical and horizontal striped pattern on tartan.(The sett the basic ’tile’ or ‘block’ that repeats itself across the width and along the length of the tartan or plaid.) If […]

Interesting Words – Cupcake / Sissy etc.

According to guidelines drawn up by, of all things, the Institute of Physics the following words and phrases should be avoided to prevent sexism. SissyDon’t be a girlMan upCupcake (Senior teachers will be appointed ‘gender champions’, in a bid to eliminate gender stereotyping. I would suggest they add, “grow a pair” and “you throw like […]

Cock of the walk

Used to describe a man who acts as if he is more fashionable or important than other people. This cockerel really was Cock of the Walk, and the ladies loved him!