Spa Towns – Travel Article

Photo by srboisvert

People seem to be surprised when I tell them about spa towns in the UK, but Britain has a long history of “taking the waters”.

The Romans discovered the healing benefits of natural spa waters thousands of years ago. And we’re lucky enough to have so many mineral-rich springs in Britain which we continue to enjoy. Why not go with the flow and experience the therapeutic waters of one of Britain’s best spa towns?

London Ghost Festival – Travel Article

It’s the time of year when the UK is filled with the sights and sounds of ghosts and ghouls: Halloween.  Halloween is one of the best times to visit London. During Halloween there are lots of parties and many events are organized across the city to celebrate All Hallow’s Eve. One of the most famous events is the London Ghost Festival, which is celebrated every year for one week in the month of October and lasts till the night of Halloween itself.

You can read more about the history and traditions of Halloween here.

Exotic England – Travel Article

Llama Drama

You might not think of England as an “exotic” destination, but you’d be wrong.  Visit England and you can visit a rainforest, scuba dive with penguins and explore a tropical Malaysian island, all without using your passport, as England is as exotic as far-flung destinations the world over.

Take a language holiday – Travel Article


Do I have to have a coma here?

by Gisele Méndez edited by Lynne Hand

Amused by the title above? Don’t worry – the spelling mistake “coma” instead of “comma” is intentional, and it highlights an important point: If you’re writing a letter to a friend or relative, it doesn’t really matter if you make a silly mistake, but if you want to be taken seriously in business; errors – comic or not – can hold you back.

Perhaps you find yourself nervously rushing through a presentation, or you forget the pronunciation of an important word during a meeting. When English is your second language, it is all the more important to speak and write clearly and concisely in business to avoid miscommunication. Luckily, there are some simple ways to improve your skills and communicate more effectively.