‘Tis the Season to be Frugal

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Well, it’s December and the holiday season is upon us. In business, enterprises are certainly operating in a different climate this year. The credit crunch worldwide is causing companies to crunch numbers when it comes to Christmas parties and the like. It’s definitely a season unlike those in recent history. It portends to be the way companies may choose to conduct affairs for good in the future.

Wastwater – Travel Article July

Wastwater Lake - The deepest

Wast Water (Wastwater) is England’s deepest lake, it lies over fifty feet below sea level from its gorgeous mountain top shore in serene Wasdale. The lake was formed by a melted glacier and is to this day filled by ice cold glacier run-off. Precariously set between two mountain ranges in a sunken valley, to the south east are the Wastwater Screes, shortened by the locals to The Screes, and to the north west the cliffs of Buckbarrow and Yewbarrow.

Save Money on Your Trip to Europe – Travel Article June

Air Travel

Summer European travel can be rather expensive, but it doesn’t have to be out of reach. Travel codes for discounted summer Europe travel are available for those who want to take three minutes out of their life to find them. Finding one of these little vouchers is like finding money. They can even mean the difference between taking a summer Europe vacation and staying home.

You can get travel codes for saving money on your summer Europe trip by getting special codes for European hotel stays through many travel websites. These codes can save you anywhere from a few dollars per night to giving you a four star hotel at a two star price.

Camping – Travel Article May

Camping As a Holiday


by Alison Johnston and Richard A Johnston

As a family we have only been camping for a couple of years, but have grown to love it in ways I never thought possible, and been in situations we never thought possible!