Writing business letters – Business English


Everyone in business has to write business letters at some time or other, but don’t worry, the art of writing business letters is not rocket science and doesn’t require mastering a huge amount of knowledge. Anyone can learn it in just a few days.  There are a few “rules and regulations” that separate a business letter from an informal letter.

Business Writing – Business English

The Business of Writing for Business



While conducting business certainly involves the language of numbers, it just as much depends on the language of words. Knowing financial formulas, accounting equations and more is important; however, you explain all of this with words. Modern business systems, practices, functions, and more, depend on the good old English language in a host of countries worldwide.

This is just an overview of the main types of business writing you might be confronted with. In the coming months, we’ll expand on each in more detail and by the end of the series, you will have a well-rounded view of business writing, which will help you to understand how to approach each task and to further your work in the world of commerce.

Here’s our run down of the main types: