Casual Friends vs Real Friends #4

Casual Friends: Say “I love you” in a jokey way.Real Friends: Say “I love you”, and mean it. Casual Friends: Are around for a while.Real Friends:: Are for life. Casual Friends: Save the last slice of cake for you.Real Friends: Eat the last slice of cake and laugh in your face. Casual Friends: Would bail […]

Casual Friends vs Real Friends #3

Casual friends are happy to talk with you about your problems.Real friends try to help you with your problems. Casual friends wonder about your romantic history.Real friends could blackmail you with it. Casual friends think the friendship is over when you have an argument.Real friends call you after you have had a fight. Casual friends expect you to always […]

Casual Friends vs Real Friends #2

Casual friends, when visiting, act like guests and you have to offer them refreshments.Real friends open your refrigerator and help themselves. Casual friends have never seen you cry.Real friends have shoulders soggy from your tears. Casual friends doesn’t know your parents’ first names.Real friends have their phone numbers in their address book. Casual friends bring flowers to your […]

Real Friends vs Casual Friends #1

How to tell the difference:- Casual Friends: Never ask for food.Real Friends: Are the reason you have no food. Casual Friends: Call your parents Mr and Mrs.Real Friends: Call your parents mum and dad. Casual Friends: Have never seen you cry.Real Friends: Cry with you. Casual Friends: Borrow your stuff for a few days then give it back.Real […]