On This Day

3rd August 2001 – A car bomb exploded in a busy west London street, injuring seven people. 2003 – The Anglican Church in America voted to approve the appointment of an openly gay bishop. 2008 – Nobel literature prize winner, Alexander Solzhenitsyn who revealed the horror of Stalin’s camps to the world, died aged 89.

On This Day

26th November 1865 – Lewis Carrroll (Charles Dodgson) published the book Alice in Wonderland (aka Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland). 1984 – US troops withdrew from the Lebanese capital, Beirut. 1987 – The Church of England’s General Synod voted by a huge majority in favour of the ordination of women priests.

Interesting Fact – Religion

According to research carried out on the 2014 census study 48.8% of the population of England and Wales say they don’t identify with any religion. (The number of ‘nones’ is now above 50 per cent, almost double the figure of 25% recorded in the census just three years earlier. People defining themselves as Christian, including […]

Church News

Many churches have their own noticeboards, newsletters, bulletins and nowadays even websites and blogs. Here are a few church notices that were sent to us, they allegedly appeared in church bulletins, or were announced at services. They seem to be unattributed, probably to save someone’s blushes. Thanks to Paul for sharing. 🙂 The Fasting & […]