Interesting Christmas Fact – IT

According to research by the UK communications regulator Ofcom, the fairy lights on your Christmas tree can slow down your WiFi. (The research also revealed that nearly 6 million homes and offices in the UK have underperforming Wi-Fi, and it’s not just fairy lights that can affect speeds: other electronic devices, including lamps, speakers, TVs […]

Leadership – Business English


What Makes a Good Leader?

by Myron Curry

It goes without saying that good leadership is crucial to any successful business. But, what makes a good leader and how can someone develop himself or herself into a good leader if they are not one to begin with? The answer is that there are many factors that contribute to good leadership. And, whether someone is naturally a good leader or not, anyone can become a good leader.

Language Article – Active Listening

Active Listening

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Do you ever get frustrated when you realize that the person you’ve been talking to was not really listening at all?

Do others ever complain that you don’t listen?

Don’t be too anxious if the answer to either or both questions is “yes”.

Although we may not be aware of it, many of us have poor listening skills, and strong listening skills are important for everyone, not only for  second language learners. Good communication is essential to forming good relationships with people of all kinds, from family, friends and neighbours to co-workers, bosses and even government officials!

The E-mail Craze


The E-mail Craze

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by Heather Pears

Email has become the most popular way for people to communicate with each other; some say it’s even more popular than using the telephone, which might seem hard to believe until you take a look at some of the reasons why people prefer email to phone calls.