Interesting Food – Sugar

The UK is about to introduce a sugar tax on soft drinks, which will add at least 18p a liter to sweet fizzy drinks. (The tax will be levied according to how much sugar is added to a drink. According to the BBC, there will be two bands – one for total sugar content above […]

Interesting Fact – Drink – Christmas Fact

According to a survey run by Hotel chain Travelodge, the average British family will have their first alcoholic drink on Christmas Day at 9:05am. (Grown ups start the day with a drink at 9:05am, followed by breakfast at 9:19am. Yes, booze before breakfast. Usually disguised as a Bucks Fizz. Well, we do say, “Eat, drink […]

Antiques Roadshow Spoof

How much do you think a crushed can of American soft drink Mountain Dew from 1995 is worth?