Argument Persuasion Vocabulary – Language Article

The right vocabulary can get you anywhere. Choose your words carefully and you might find yourself writing brilliant poetry, lyrics, essays for your masters degree, moving speeches and thoughtful cards. Choose your words carefully and you could be expressing ideas you were never able to fully express before, or perhaps you will succeed in changing even the most stubborn of minds. Let us explore how best to argue and persuade…

News Round Up 339

DESPITE the huge row going on in the UK on whether to stay in Europe or not, it seems that book readers are lapping up European fiction.

News Round Up 338

THERE was an unusual travelling companion for Moire Boxall who was returning to Glasgow in Scotland from a visit to Queensland, Australia, reports The Guardian.

Spring is Sprung – Language Article

I like to think it’s spring in February when the very first snow drop pushes through the snow. But by the time you read this it will be May, the snowdrops have long retreated back into the soil and the garden is full of blossom, late tulips, primroses and all the rest. It is a time of new beginnings, of fresh hopes.