Fun? I’m not sure, but it is funny.

The Times Higher Education exam howlers competition has come up with some great results. The winner was the entry provided by John Milliken, lecturer in education at the University of Ulster. His student claimed that ‘the [hole in the] ozone layer was caused by a*******s. Dr Milliken said: ‘He probably meant aerosols, but then…maybe not.’ […]

Confusing Words – Language Article


There are some words which even native English speakers can find confusing and on occasion get muddled. They may have very similar spellings or pronunciation or perhaps have very similar meanings. 

Stationary and Stationery . The first refers to remaining still and the second to paper goods for writing.

Personnel and Personal. The first is often called Human Resources these days and refers to the staff and those who deal with them – those who engage and fire staff, those who deal with difficulties and arrange holiday rotas etc. The second is to do with what belongs to an individual; his personal affairs.

Nought and Naught. These both mean nothing, but the first refers specifically to the figure zero.

Then there are singulars and plurals. Do you know the plural of the words on the next page? 

Seasonal Mistakes

I saw this lovely little Christmassy snippet in the Shropshire Star:- Shoppers might not have believed their mince pies when they saw what a supermarket had on offer. For days a misspelt sign at Sainsbury’s supermarket in Dartford, Kent, advertised packs of icing-topped ‘mice’ pies, instead of mince pies. It’s a wonder they didn’t have […]