News Round Up 120





WHEN wildlife experts and police carrying riot shields raced to a house in Plymouth, Devon, to answer a 999 call, they were in for a big surprise.

For, says the Daily Star, instead of finding an alligator in the garden, they discovered an inflatable crocodile.

The burglar sketch

Man: Burglar!  Burglar! Woman: Yes? Man: Burglar, madam. Woman: What do you want? Man: I want to come in and steal a few things, madam. Woman: Are you an encyclopedia salesman? Man: No, madam, I’m a burglar.  I burgle people. Woman: I think you’re an encyclopedia salesman. Man: Oh, I’m not.  Open the door – […]

Interesting Fact Question

Why was it a cause for celebration when Aberystwyth screened Monty Python’s ‘Life of Brian’ in 2009?   Answer here

Killer Rabbit

I just read one of those “uplifting” messages on Google+, it went “If you run, make sure you’re running towards something and never away.” Well, whoever wrote it obviously never met a killer bunny. Run away! Run away!