Interesting Fact – Technology

According to research carried out by Childwise, youngsters in the UK are spending more time online than watching TV. (However, before you think, “Great! The children will be fitter and more active”, the most popular online service was Netflix. So, unfortunately it doesn’t mean kids are getting a life, they are just watching the same […]

Running sessions on-line – LOL

Not just conference calls, it also applies to ESL / EFL sessions online too. All of these things have happened to us at some time or other. Some can’t be helped, but other problems just require a bit of discipline and a good moderator. Thanks to +Aladdin Pasha for sharing. 

Shopping online

Imagine if this happened every time you wanted to buy a loaf of bread.

Poor spelling can be damaging to credibility

Poor spelling can cut online sales in half.  Yes, according to Charles Duncombe, the director of the Just Say Please group, which  runs several websites, an analysis of website figures showed a single spelling mistake can cut online sales by half. William Dutton, director of the Oxford Internet Institute at Oxford University, said there is […]

Teaching on the Internet

A teacher from Oxfordshire stranded in Spain because of air restrictions is using an internet cafe to take lessons. Chris Orr, who teaches at Sibford School, in Sibford Ferris near Banbury, was due to fly back from holiday in Alicante last Friday. He is using a webcam to make sure that his business studies A-Level […]