The Cucumber

Imagine if you lost a cucumber. There was a cucumber in the lost property office.It was found near the ticket barrier at the station.No one came in to say it was theirs. The cucumbersat on the shelf. It started to go soft. But still noone came. Then it started to flatten out and go mushy. […]

Let us PAYE

The above was a headline in the Sun on August 25, about a special service to be held for the taxman of all things. They came up with this delightful little poem in the style of the Lord’s prayer:- Our evadersWho art in havensHow low be thy shame.Thy tax return comeIt must be doneIn the […]

A poem, written in despair

If you purport to speak for God,Be careful what you say.Self styled prophet, saviour?You’ve surely lost your way. For God is in the children.No Devil is within.The Devil’s in the money.The Devil’s in the sin. The Devil’s in the parent,Abandoning their child.The Devil’s in the lies,Of the greedy and beguiled. A child is born in […]