Viennese Waltz

Whirls and flicks her pearly dress to the music of the waltz dances merrily to ​capture fleeting moments of euphoria   glides with wings of obsession to touch the apex taps and turns with gentle moves towards the climax   throbbing heart creates a loud but rhythmic tune swaying souls gathering closer on the fleckerl […]

Dream of a Garden

    dream of a garden with vibrant clues yearn deeply, and passionately grow kindle every seed with a zealous glow awaken the soil to conceive the hues scent of flowers coalesce into breeze captivate tiny creatures to embrace nectar, and dust of petals with grace and melodies of warmth that please shadowy trees with […]

Best of the web – For Valentine’s Day – Poetry (from your Tweets)

Poetweet is a fun website for Valentine’s Day month.  It will turn the tweets on a Twitter feed into poems, in 3 different styles.  The results for my feed can be read below, but it’s more fun if you make your own:-   Well, what could be more romantic than a poem composed of your Tweets? […]

Interesting fact question

 “I wrote poetry in my youth, and people thought I would become a poet. But I didn’t become one.” Whose words are these?   Answer here