News Round Up 61

News Round Up

THE Daily Mirror reports that compensation claims in schools in England and Wales over the last three years have cost more than £10million including almost £600 after a pupil was struck by a piece of apple.

Somerset County Council spent £575 on the legal battle over the apple after the pupil sued his school.

Football Diary #44

Only a dogged never-say-die attitude enabled Roy Hodgson’s men to fight back and beat Sweden in their second Euro 2012 game. It certainly wasn’t down to talent.

Football Diary 42


Football Diary


by Patrick O’Connor


THERE may not be much football being played at the moment in the run-up to the start of Euro 2012 but that doesn’t mean there hasn’t been much activity.


Football purists will be delighted by the news that the game’s governing body in England, the Football Association, has decided that small-sided formats for certain age-groups will be mandatory from now on.

Football Diary


Football Diary


by Patrick O’Connor




NO doubt Manchester City fans are still wallowing in the glory of their Premier League title success – but it has come at a price.


According to the latest figures, last year City made a loss of £197m – the greatest financial deficit in the history of football.

Football Diary 38

YOU would think that any newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch would be treading very carefully at the moment.

The Australian’s media empire is under extreme scrutiny following the phone hacking scandal in the UK and Murdoch himself is seen as having had far too much influence with British politicians over  the past few years.