Things that aren’t really Scottish

Things that aren’t actually Scottish Scotch Tape Scotch Egg (According to luxury food shop Fortnum & Mason, they invented the Scotch egg in the 18th century, at their Piccaddily headquarters.) Butterscotch Hopscotch Scotchguard Whisky (If you ask anyone from Ireland.  Try it, it’s fun.) Scotland – The word is derived from the Greek Scotos, the term applied to […]

The Scots

Michael McIntyre on the Scots. You’ll need to know what a Scotch egg, Scotch tape, hopscotch, The Scotsman, The Flying Scotsman, butterscotch, Scottish Widow, Scotland Yard and Scot free mean to get this.

How Could We Say That? – Language Article

In Glasgow one of the recent best selling books over the last few years was William Laughton Lorimer’s ‘The New Testament in Scots’. Here is his description of John the Baptist from Mark’s Gospel:-

  • “John wis cleadit in a raploch coat o caumel’s hair an hed a lethern girth about his weyst, an locusts an foggie-bees’ hinnie wis aa his fairin.”