On This Day

27th April 1124 – David I became King of Scotland. 1296 – The Scots were defeated by Edward I of England at the Battle of Dunbar. 1667 – The blind and impoverished John Milton sold the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10. 1773 – The Parliament of Great Britain passed the Tea Act, designed to […]

Interesting Fact – Work

According to research conducted by Nationwide, office workers in the UK spend an average of £40,000 during their careers on treats, traditions, whip rounds and equipment associated with the job. (All those tea jars, after work drinks, leaving presents, highlighters etc. add up. In fact tea and coffee clubs alone cost £66.36 a year.)

Interesting Fact – Britishness

According to report by NatCen Social Research 82% of Brits are proud to be British. (But only 62% of people who live in Britain said they would rather be citizens here than anywhere else. In a similar survey, commissioned by Tetley, researchers also found that Brits wear summer clothes at the first glimpse of sun, […]

The chemistry of tea

Tea the best drink of the day. This video was produced to celebrate the Chinese New Year.