British Fashion and Culture

Fashion & Culture: The Mods – Where Did They Come From?

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by Kane Western

Far apart from the golden age of 1950’s America, 1950’s Britain was still on rations, and struggling to get over the devastation suffered in World War II. However, for the British youth a new dawn was rising. Thanks to full employment and hire purchase and a new found freedom from National Service, the British youth was on their own two feet with money in their pocket and they wanted everybody to know about. A new movement known as the “teddy boys” was emerging across the UK, influenced by American Rock ā€˜nā€™ Roll and as Bill Haley’s cult movie “Rock Around The Clock” premiered in the Trocadero in London’s Elephant and Castle followed by outrage from the British establishment and joyous riots from the youths, the Ted movement was now alive and kicking.