English in the News – Early Birds vs Night Owls

According to a story published in The Times, Early Birds are generally happier than Night Owls.  New studies show that it is not just because early birds get more daylight, or have a better night’s sleep.  According to a study carried out by scientists at the University of Warsaw, a large part of their mood could […]

Argument Persuasion Vocabulary – Language Article

The right vocabulary can get you anywhere. Choose your words carefully and you might find yourself writing brilliant poetry, lyrics, essays for your masters degree, moving speeches and thoughtful cards. Choose your words carefully and you could be expressing ideas you were never able to fully express before, or perhaps you will succeed in changing even the most stubborn of minds. Let us explore how best to argue and persuade…

English Learning Tip # 23

Linking a new word to a picture is a good way of remembering it. Try searching Google Images for the word.