Learn English Through Adverts

P G Tips

Watch the advert, then read the transcription:-

P G Tips


The door bell rings. A man dressed as a highwayman goes to open it:-

Al: Stand and deliver!
Monkey:  Hello Al.
Al: You’re back.
Monkey: Any chance of a cuppa?
Al: I never got a chance to thank you.
Monkey: What for?
Al: Leggin’ it when I needed a pal.
Monkey: When that TV  thing went belly up I just wanted to run boy.
Al:  Where’ve you been?
Monkey: Around.

(Monkey has a flashback to when he was attached to someone’s car bumper.)

Al: Monkey. Right you – in. … Delicious PG.
Monkey: Al! It’s a boil wash!
Al: How long are you back for?
Monkey: I’d like to stay a while.  If you’ll have me.
Al: Brilliant!
Monkey: I thought we could make a fresh start.
Al: Get back into the advertising game. One man and his chimp.
Monkey: Not chimp Al, monkey.

(Loud music.)

Monkey: What on earth!
Al: I let the big room out to that Carol Dekker from T’Pau.
Monkey: Does she play “the tune” often?
Al: I quite like it, actually.
Monkey: Me too.

!Note –  PG tips is a brand of tea in the United Kingdom, manufactured by Unilever UK.  They claim that Britons drink 35 million cups of PG tips a day.