21. You sleep more in lecture halls than in your room

22. Your idea of a square meal is a box of Pop-Tarts.

23. You travel with bags of dirty clothes.

24. You go home to do your laundry because you’re too poor to pay at the laundrette.

25. You pay money for a book you never read once.

26. More than 20% of your household furniture is made from palettes.

27. You recognize the meat in the soup as yesterday’s roast, and thus decide to eat a nice bowl of cereal – a safe bet for any meal.

28. You use words like “thus”.

29. You throw out bowls and plates because you don’t feel like washing them.

30. It takes preparation… and 3 people… to take out your rubbish.

31. Going to the library is a social event.

32. You wear flip flops in the shower.

33. You start joining clubs because of the free food.

34. Visits home depend on how much money you have for petrol.

35. You skip one class to write a paper for another.

36. You have no idea where your tuition money is going.

37. Bicycles don’t seem as lame as they used to.

38. You stay up late to finish homework then sleep through the class in which it was due.

39. Your rucksack is giving you scoliosis.

40. You’ve written a cheque for 45 pence.