Shreddies – Knitted by Nanas

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Voiceover: “What’s the secret to the great taste of Shreddies?  Only Shreddies are knitted by Nanas.”

Nana 1 – Oooh!

Nana 2 – Ooh. That one looks yummy, Ruth.

Nana 1 – It isn’t easy to knit the perfect taste everyone loves.

Nana 2 – Shreddies needs a nana’s touch.

Nana 1 – The secret recipe?  Four layers of wholegrain, lovingly knitted into one delicious square.

Nana 2 – That’s secret love.  That’s Betty, our top knitter.

Betty – Less chat and more Shreddies ladies!

Nana 1 – Oooh.

Taster – Another perfect batch.

“Eat up everyone, we’ll kint more.”

!Note - "Nana" is like "granny" just another word for grandmother.