Every month I choose a photograph from one of my Flickr groups to appear here.  Hopefully something interesting and informative.

This month’s seasonal photo is from 2-Dog-Farm.  It’s called “I wonder what the difference between a prickle and a tickle is?”  It shows a cat (Tigerlily) scratching its chin.

Leaf Drop


By 2-Dog-Farm

Unfortunately 2-Dog-Farm doesn’t enlighten us as to what the difference is, but fear not.  I checked in the dictionary:-

A prickle can be one of several thin sharp points that stick out of a plant or animal, or a feeling as if a lot of little points are sticking into your body.

If thin sharp objects prickle you, they cause slight pain by touching against your skin. And if part of your body prickles, it feels as if a lot of sharp points are touching it because you are frightened or excited:
For example:-
The fruit can be eaten once the prickles have been removed.
I felt a hot prickle of embarrassment spread across my cheeks.
She lay on the grass and the stiff dry grass prickled the back of her legs.
If you tickle someone you touch them lightly with your fingers, making them slightly uncomfortable and often making them laugh.  Or if a part of the body tickles, or if something tickles it, it feels slightly uncomfortable and you want to rub it.
For example:-
I tickled the baby’s tummy until she giggled.
My nose is tickling, I think I’m going to sneeze.
Source: Cambridge Advanced Learners Dictionary