Do I look like a grocery item to you, you keep on checking me out!
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To check something out has various meanings:-

It can mean to settle your bill before leaving a hotel etc.

For example: I had to check out of the room at 6am!

It can also mean to withdraw (an item) after recording the withdrawal.

For example: One duty of a librarian is to check out books.

Then it may mean to record and total up the prices of and receive payment for (items being purchased) at a retail store.

For example: The cashier checked out and bagged my shopping.

It can also mean to investigate, examine, or look at.

For example: The police checked out his story.

But to check someone out can mean to look at someone of the opposite sex with interest, which is the implication here.

!Note – to check out is also slang for dying.

For example: I’m not ready to check out any time soon.