Goodbye Mr Chips

Goodbye Mr Chips
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Or should that be “McCain has had his chips”.

There are lots of idioms to do with chips:-

A bargaining chip – something that you can use to make someone do what you want.
Be in the chips – if someone is in the chips, they have suddenly got a lot of money.
Call/cash in your chips – to die or to sell things that you own, especially shares (= parts of a business), because you need some money.
A chip off the old block – someone who is very similar in character to one of their parents or to another older member of their family.
Have a chip on your shoulder – to blame other people for something bad which has happened to you and to continue to be angry about it so that it affects the way you behave.
Have had your chips – if you have had your chips, something bad is going to happen to you, usually a punishment for something bad you have done or to miss an opportunity to achieve something you want.
something that has had its chips is going to end because it is not wanted or needed any more.
Let the chips fall where they may – to do something without worrying about the effects of your actions.
When the chips are down – when you are in a difficult or dangerous situation, especially one which tests whether you can trust people or which shows people’s true opinions.

Oh and the reference to McCain – well apart from wanna be presidents they are also a manufacturer of frozen chips.


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