Some of them are very obvious, some of them I’ve given you some help, but if there are any you don’t understand, or if there are any I’ve missed (clean ones) let me know in the comments:-

Adam Zapel (adam’s apple)
Al Bino (albino)
Al Dente
Al Fresco
Alf A. Romeo (Alpha Romeo)
Ali Katt (alley cat)
Amanda Lynn (a mandolin)
Andy Friese (antifreeze)
Anita Bath (I need a bath)
Anna Prentice (an apprentice)
Anna Recksiek (anorexic)
Anna Sasin (an assassin)
Anne Teak (antique)
Annette Curtain (a net curtain)
Aretha Holly (a wreath of holly)
Barb Dwyer (barbed wire)
Barb E. Dahl (Barbie doll)
Barbara Seville (barber of Seville)
Barry Cade (barricade)
Bea Minor (be a miner)
Ben Dover (bend over)
Eileen Dover (I leaned over)
Bill Board
Bill Ding (building)
Bill Loney (baloney)
Bob Apple
Bob Katz (bob cats)
Tom Katz (tom cats)
Kitty Katz (kitty cats)
Brandon Cattell (branding cattle)
Brandy D. Cantor (brandy decanter)
Brock Lee (broccoli)
Brooke Trout (brook trout)
Cam Payne (campaign)
Candy Barr (candy bar)
Candy Kane (candy cane)
*Carol Tune.
Carrie Oakey (karaoke)
Cheri Pitts (cherry pits)
Chris P. Bacon (crispy bacon)
Claire Annette (clarinet)
Constance Noring (constant snoring)
Crystal Ball
Dan D. Lyons (dandelions)
Dan Druff (dandruff)
Dick Burns
Dinah Soares (dinosaurs)
Don Key (donkey)
Doug Graves (dug graves)
Doug Hole (dug hole)
Dr. Croak
Dr. Payne (Dr Pain)
Drew Peacock
Duane Pipe (drain pipe)
Dusty Rhodes (dusty roads)
Edna May (or may not)
Earl E. Bird (early bird)
Earl Lee Riser (early riser)
Easton West (east and west)
Ella Vader (elevator)
Ford Parker
Forrest Green (forest green)
Gaye Barr (gay bar)
Gail Storm
Hazel Nutt (hazel nut)
Heidi Clare (I declare)
*Helen Beck (Hell and back)
Holly Day (holiday)
Holly Wood (Hollywood)
Hugh Jass (huge ass)
Jean Poole (gene pool)
Jed Dye (Jedi)
Jim Shorts (gym short)
Jo King (joking)
Justin Case (just in case)
*Justin Time (just in time)
Lance Boyle (lance boil)
Leigh King (leaking)
Marsha Mellow (marshmallow)
Marshall Law
Mary Christmas (merry christmas)
Max Power
May Day
May Furst (May first)
Mel Loewe (mellow)
Mike Stand
Minny van Gogh (mini van go)
Misty Waters
Misty Shore (along with Rocky and Sandy)
Mo Lestor (molester)
Mona Lott (moan a lot)
Muddy Waters
Myles Long (miles long)
Neil Down (kneel down)
Noah Lott (know a lot)
Norma Leigh Lucid (normally lucid)
Olive Yew (I love you)
Oliver Sutton (all of a sudden)
Orson Carte (horse and cart)
Otto Graf (autograph)
Owen Moore (owing more)
Paige Turner (page turner)
Pat Downe
Pearl Button
Pearl E. Gates (pearly gates)
Pearl E. White (pearly white)
Peg Legge (peg leg)
Penny Lane
Penny Wise
Polly Ester (polyester)
*Poppy Seeds
Ray Gunn
Raynor Schein (rain or shine)
Rick Shaw (rickshaw)
Rip Torn
Rob Banks
Rocky Rhoades
Roman Holiday
Rose Bush
Rose Gardner
Rusty Carr
Sally Forth
Sandy Banks
Sonny Day (sunny day)
Tanya Hyde (tan your hide)
Terry Bull (terrible)
Tim Burr (timber)
Tom Morrow (tomorrow)
Trina Forest (tree in a forest)
Ty Coon
Ty Knotts (tie knots)
Warren Peace (war and peace)
Will Power
Willie Stroker
Woody Forrest

*Added by visitors. Please feel free to add your own, they might make it onto the list.

Thanks to Bildgesmythe and Peter Jordan for their additions.