Brideshead Revisited

Maybe the film should be called Brideshead Revisited Revisited, because there was a very successful TV mini series in the 1980s.  Based on the novel of the same name, by the English writer Evelyn Waugh, it is set in England prior to the Second World War.  The story is told  by Charles Ryder, who is serving in the British Army during the waning days of World War II . He’s stationed at Brideshead and recalls his past experiences there as a guest of the Marchmains, a rich Roman Catholic family. He reminisces about how he met Sebastian Flyte, the younger son of the Marquis of Marchmain and through his friendship he is seduced by the decadent splendor of Sebastian’s life and develops an infatuation with Sebastian’s sister, Julia.  It is a story of forbidden love and the loss of innocence.

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