I don’t want to moan but…

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by Patrick O’Connor

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GRUMPY Old Men is the title of a BBC television programme which allows well-known middle aged men to talk about issues of modern life which irritate them.  It subsequently led to a spin-off series, Grumpy Old Women.

Now although I found it quite funny at times, I was prone to occasionally shout at the screen: “Stop whinging. Get a life!” But in the weekend leading up to my 60th birthday I found myself at a loose end. As snow swirled around the house and with nothing interesting on the telly, I digested all the weekend papers with some rigour. Oh dear, big mistake.  By the end of my marathon reading session I had been transformed into a grumpy old man.

What will my wife say?

The list of news items which had steam rushing out of my ears is too long to list here but I just have to mention a few. I mean, what’s the point of having a moan, if you can’t have an audience.  So hold on tight, here goes, in no particular order of merit: