Costa del Sol Living

by Jay Neil

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Have you ever dreamt of owning your own Spanish holiday dream home on the Costa del Sol, Andalucia?

Well for anyone who is thinking about the prospect of owning their own Spanish property as a holiday retreat, then also consider that you may need someone to take care of it whilst you are back in the UK.

Speaking as someone who works autonomously as a Spanish Property Management agent based in Calahonda, Mijas Costa on the Costa del Sol, I can advise you of some of the pitfalls you may come across. These are some of the things which myself and my husband have encountered during our six years working and living in Calahonda, Costa del Sol, Spain :-

Do not take the electricity supply for granted. It is not the same load as in the UK. If you have too many appliances on at the same time, everything ‘trips off’

Make sure your guests know that you shouldn’t put tampons, sanitary towels or baby-wipes etc. down the toilet if you don’t want blocked drains.

Do not leave unopened food in cupboards. On your arrival back to Spain, you may find an ant colony has taken over your kitchen.

Make sure you lock all your windows, doors, security grills and roller-shutters upon your departure from Spain, as burglaries are not uncommon.

Water can be cut off at any time due to water shortages or if the Water Company are working in the area. So be prepared with supplies of bottled water.

If your Spanish property is situated near pine trees, be aware that tree rats live in them and may enter your property if you leave patio windows open at night

Preferably turn all electricity off to your property upon departure as regular power-cuts mean that your fridge will go black and the contents therein will be mouldy

Spanish properties with fire-places have a habit of attracting birds which get trapped in the chimney. So get a cowl fitted to the chimney pot.

If you are renting out, invariably things go wrong with clients and they have a habit of doing silly things such as locking themselves out on the balcony or losing keys, blocking the toilet, etc. They also have an inability to use any Spanish electrical appliances -e.g; washing-machines which have different symbols to the UK   So, if you want your life to be trouble-free, and have plenty of ‘fun in the sun’, then employ a Spanish Property Management team who are able to take all the worry off your hands.

A Spanish Property Management company is worth its weight in gold!

About the author: Website: B & P Calahonda Property Management & Rental Services.  Jay Neil is a property management and rental consultant in the Costa del Sol, Spain. He is currently writing articles for B & P Services.