Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife

by Niamh Greene

When Susie’s maiden aunt gives her a housekeeping journal, she expects Susie to use it for jotting down nutritious recipes and planning household budgets. But Susie has more important things on her mind …Like how to keep sane while trying to control a four-year-old diva who thinks she’s Judy Garland, as well as a thrill-seeking toddler with a death wish. Not to mention managing a demanding husband who expects a home-cooked meal at least once a fortnight and inconsiderate parents who seem to think luxury spa breaks are more important than spending time with their grandchildren. On top of that, there’s the small matter of the Lone Father at the children’s play group who is clearly smitten and Susie’s passing interest in Posh’n’Becks, Wayne and Colleen, Brad’n’Jen’n’Angelina …Susie’s journal chronicles a hectic year in the life of a stay at home mother, whose one ambition is to possess an outfit that is free of snot stains.

The author, Niamh Greene, lives in Dublin and Secret Diary of a Demented Housewife is her first novel. When not writing she is a housewife and mother of two but she swears she’s not demented and that all her information comes from extensive anthropological research (amongst the other mummies).

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