Advert of the Month – June

Improve Your English Through Adverts

Fox’s Biscuits

Click on the link below to watch the ad and then click “Read More” for the transcript.

In this advert the talking panda, in a way stereotypical of a mafia don, says “bisquits” instead of “biscuits”.

Watch it here:-

Vinnie the Panda and Fox’s Biscuits



Vinnie the Panda: Everywhere you look these days, standards are slipping, and in my line of work that’s when people get caught.  So, when it comes to bisquits [biscuits], Fox’s gets my vote every time.  These guys don’t cut corners, they enjoy their work, like me!  My name is Vinnie, and I will take it as a personal insult, if you choose anything other than Fox’s bisquits [biscuits]. Mm mm mmm.


!Note –  Fox’s Biscuits is a biscuit manufacturer based in Batley, West Yorkshire, England with two further sites in Uttoxeter and Kirkham. Their biscuits are exported to Europe, North America and the Far East. They were purchased by Northern Foods in 1977.